Fine Chemical Industry - Fine Chemical - 亚博ag真人「信誉保障」filtration
  • Absoguard Filter Cartridges Polypropylene Media ​亚博ag真人「信誉保障」 Absoguard fillter Cartridges provide absolute and accurate effciency for the retention of particles in critical applications especially beer filtration. They combine high dirt holding capacity with a long service life and extremely high flow rates
  • Inline Filter 亚博ag真人「信誉保障」 Inline Filter Series provide small volume, easy connection, and simple design. They have been used in marking & coding printers, wide format printers, and textile printers. These filters can be used as printhead filters or inline connection filters to avoid system tube ink aggregate and to protect the printhead.
  • Multiple Connection Capsule 亚博ag真人「信誉保障」 DIP Series Capsule Filters have been widely used in digital ink jet printers applications, such as CIJ printers, ceramic printers, textile printers, and wide format digital printers. They contain specially designed INK-PP media that provides longer lifetime, higher precision, and no fiber releasing. This unique capsule ensures the cleanliness of the entire tubing system and eliminates secondary pollutions. This provides a high level of printhead protection in ink jet applications. Var
  • Multiple Capacity Capsule 亚博ag真人「信誉保障」 NPT Series Capsule Filter is a multiple capacity capsule filter developed for both small batch material filtration and main ink filtration in the digital printing system.
  • Small Volume Capsule 亚博ag真人「信誉保障」 PHP Series Capsule Filter have been widely used in wide format printers and eco solvent / water based ink jet printers. This capsule features a high filtration area for long service life and low initial pressure drop, ideal for situations where space is at a premium. In addition to the standard polypropylene capsule, an opaque UV resistant capsule in polypropylene is also available
  • All-Polyfluorene Construction Cost Effective AET Filter Cartridges have an all-polyfluorene construction with a PTFE membrane which makes it suitable to filter electronic grade chemicals. It is more cost effective when compared to other all-polyfluorene filter cartridges.
  • Point-of-Use Disc Filter Disc Filter can be used in many different applications. In digital printing, Disc Filter plays an important role: as last chance filter to protect printheads. A laboratory-size filter is also available for testing new ink formulations and conducting printing trials.

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